is a colossal dinosaur/dragon monster that serves Captain Mutiny. It was naturally giant, the same size as a megazord or any other giant monster. It carries Mutiny's castle on its back, can be directly controlled through a steering wheel in the castle, and has the capability to "swim" through space. It is also very strong, tearing the arms off several megazords. Its one weakness is that while Mutiny's castle is attached to it, Titanisaur gets overheated and must be cooled down by submerging in water. To better even Titanisaur's odds against the Rangers, Mutiny disengaged his castle from it and allowed the monster to fight the Rangers on its own. Even with this added advantage, however, Titanisaur was destroyed and even had its tail severed by the Torozord.


  • Titanisaur, in Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy, is ultimately the final monster the Rangers have faced via Megazord battles.
  • Titanisaur, according to in the Sentai version, has Grunchor as its final form.

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