The Magna Defender explains that Scorpius killed his son, and now he is after revenge for his son. Believing that the Lights Of Orion are in sunflower statues, the Rangers and The Magna Defender try to stop Scorpius' monster, but The Magna Defender is careless and almost nearly hurts a few civilians.


  • April 10, 1999


  • Introduces Magna Defender's zord, the Defender Torozord .
  • Captain Mutiny, a villain who later appears in the later half of the series in the Lost Galaxy story arc, is only shown from his back when watching all of Scorpius' monsters attack Magna Defender.

Difference From the OriginalEdit

  • In the Gingaman version, Captain Zahab (aka. Captain Mutiny in Power Rangers) kills Kranz , Bullblack's brother, with a single sword slash. In the Power Rangers version, Scorpius zaps Zika , the Magna Defender's son, killing him at ease.