This is an article about the 6th episode of the series entitled "The Lights of Orion", for the arsenal of the same name, see also: The Lights of Orion .

Whilst investigating some energy readings they found, Maya and Kendrix are ambushed by Furio, Trakeena and Stingwingers. All hope looks lost, but then the other Rangers come with their new Astro Cycles and rescue them. Furio then shows the Rangers a large box, which has Mike inside. Leo goes after them and finds the box, but Mike isn't in there. The other Rangers come and find Leo watching Furio and Trakeena; they make a plan which gives Leo a chance to free Mike. Mike tells Leo of the Lights Of Orion and that they need to get them before Furio can. They go to the cave where they are kept, Leo finds the box, but then is attacked by Mike afterwards who takes the box and leaves Leo in the cave alone. Mike turns out to be a monster named Mutantrum who then gives the box to Furio, but is stopped by Leo. Mutantrum grows and the Rangers call upon their megazord for help, who destroys the monster. Furio gets the box, only to discover that there was nothing in it.


  • March 13, 1999


  • Introduces Trakeena's green armored form.
  • Introduces primarily the legendary Lights of Orion, which the Rangers spent 7 episodes finding on Terra Venture.
  • This episode also introduces the Red, Green and Blue Rangers' Astro Cycles . None of the girls have them.
  • In the Sentai version, Spikaka , from the Gingaman episode - "The Nightmarish Reunion"/(japanese title needed)) was disguised as GingaRed's brother. In the Power Rangers version here, it's the monster Mutantrum , whose costume came from a different Gingaman episode - "The Hiccup of Terror"/(japanese title needed), to disguise himself as Leo's opposably dead brother.
  • Mutantrum was voiced by veteran Power Rangers voice actor Robert Axelrod, who is best known for doing the voice of Lord Zedd (also for Finster's) in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

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