The Chillyfish monster is going out and freezing the city. The Rangers go out to investigate and get attacked by the monster, leaving all the Rangers except Leo, frozen. After thinking that the Lights Of Orion may unfreeze the rest of the colony, he tries to fight them off The Magna Defender, and from an accidental blast from The Magna Defender, he releases them. Leo then discovers that the animals are not affected by the Chilly-Fish's attacks, so he goes to find the horse he was on before. With the horse's help, he goes after the Chilly-Fish and destroys him. He then grows to a great size, prompting The Magna Defender to get his zord out and fight the monster, and defeats him.


  • April 17, 1999


  • This marks the only episode in Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy to featuring one of the Rangers using the Horse featured from the Sentai, though in Gingaman, the GingaHorses are sometimes frequently used.
  • The second and last time to see Trakeena don her green armor, though in following episodes following her father's death, her armor is no longer used.
  • The scene where Chillyfish attacks the Lion Galactabeast has been cut from the Power Rangers version. However the scene is found in the Sentai version.