Realising Trakeena framed him, Treacheron sets her up to find the Silver Goblet. However, when she finds it, Treacheron appears stating it's a fake and a battle begins between the two, until the Rangers interferes with them. A cowardly Trakeena runs off, only to be stopped by The Magna Defender who still wants revenge, but as he is about to exact his revenge, something stops him and Trakeena runs off yet again. The Rangers are fighting off Treacheron and his shark monsters, but when Leo is distracted by a voice, Treacheron attacks him, leaving him severely wounded. Treacheron sends the Shark brothers down to draw the other Rangers out, which they do, but as the Rangers try to activate the Lights Of Orion. they are stopped, unknowingly because all 5 are needed for the lights to be activated. Meanwhile, Leo, whilst resting, hears the voice he heard earlier, which is now clear to be Mike, telling him that the Rangers need his help. Now at the scene, Leo and the other Rangers activate the Lights Of Orion and battle off the Shark brothers. Treacheron however, vows to finish Leo, and their battle commences, with Leo finally destroying him. The Shark brothers grow to defeat the Rangers; and with their megazord boosted with the power from the Lights Of Orion, they destroy them with ease.


  • May 15, 1999


  • The Magna Defender had only one scene in this episode.
  • This episode marks Treacheron's final appearence until his cameo appearence in " Hexuba's Graveyard ".