was the first monster the Power Rangers fought from Captain Mutiny's forces while Terra Venture began to drift into The Lost Galaxy .

Barbarax sent Rocketron to Terra Venture. When he became gaint, he grappled the Megazord and went into self-destruct mode to take them with him. The Galaxy Megazord Saber slashed through giant Rocketron repeatedly and he then fell sparking to his knees and exploded. Rocketron, however, was still alive in the desert below, weak, with his red-tipped missile on his back. He said he'd failed, but Deviot grabbed him and drained energy from Rocketron into himself. Rocketron begged for Deviot to give him his power back before it was too late, but he then exploded.

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  • Rocketron's counterpart in Gingaman was the final monster remaining.

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