After hearing some strange animal noises, Maya, along with Leo and Damon go to investigate only to be stopped by troops of Scorpius who have captured five gigantic and powerful galactabeasts, but with the addition of Kai and Kendrix they rescue the sacred animals who turn out to be the Galactabeasts. Scorpius sends Furio and a monster named Radster to Terra Venture to capture the Quasar Sabers where they prove to be a match for the Rangers. Using a potion, Radster grows to giant size however the Galactabeasts, wanting to return the favor, arrive on Terra Venture. Working together, Leo and the Lion Galactabeast destroy the monster.


  • February 20, 1999


  • Although " Quasar Quest " was 100% originally shot but used two story plot pieces from the original Sentai, This episode began using footage from Gingaman.
  • This episode introduces Trakeena , two of Scorpius' first set of monsters and the Galactabeasts .