Maya has a dream about the Lights Of Orion, and when she wakes up the other Rangers, they all see them in outer space. Unfortunately, so does Scorpius, who fires at the Rangers ship to stop them. The Rangers carry on their pursuit of the lights, which have gone to Terra Venture but Destructo has stopped them and captured the lights. However, one of Trakeena's monsters, Impostra has the power to disguise herself as anyone, and she has disguised herself as Treacheron and has ordered Destructo to use the lights on himself first to make sure they 'work', with as a gift, a necklace of beads. The Rangers are attacked by some sting-wingers and then again by Destructo who uses up most
of their energy, until the beads take their effect upon Destructo and start to weaken him, to the joy of Impostra, who disappears after The Magna Defender attacks her. A battle escalates between The Magna Defender and now a weakened Destructo and the lights are released from him and are given to the Rangers. Now with the Lights Of Orion, the Rangers defeat Destructo and The Magna Defender escapes.


  • May 5, 1999


  • Introduces the Galaxy Rangers' Lights of Orion armor after all five have obtained the source from Destruxo.
  • This episode marks the end of the "Lights of Orion" story arc, which lasted from episode 6 to this episode.