was the one holding Magna Defender's son Zika hostage for Scorpius around three thousand years prior. Fish Face let Zika go on Scorpius' command but Zika went after Scorpus and was killed in the process. Fishface was later sent to Terra Venture and believed the Lights of Orion where in a sunflower statue. He was strong enough to deflect the Quasar Launcher's energy blasts. Fishfae took a little girl hostage to haunt Magna Defender's memories. Fishface blew up the statue and was upset to find out it was empty. He was destroyed by the Defender Torozord. He was later revived by Hexuba and fought Mike.

Voice ActorEdit


  • Fishface has been voiced by two voice actors who have done voice work on the principal villains of this series, Richard Epcar (who does Barbarax ' voice during the Lost Galaxy story arc) and Derek Stephen Prince (who does Treacheron 's).