PRLG 2014 Fan-Film Title (FINAL) - Copy 2

Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy - Reimagined

Filming process.

Filming Dates and LocationsEdit

Location Shooting Date Production Notes/method Scene

Anthony Marsh, Jr's home at 7501 Elioak, Terrace at Gaithersburg, Maryland in the Hadley Farms Community Area.

Filming (despite use of paper puppets and toys used) mainly and only takes place in Marsh's entire house (bedroom, living room, basement, and backyard). 

August 28, 2013 (proposed start date) n/a

September 20, 2013

Green-Screen/Chromia-Key used

Lord Metarex's Prologue Scene

September 27, 2013 

ADR Voice Recording Narration Prologue

September 28, 2013

Custom Gameplay footage from: 

Soul Calibur V - Training Play


WWE '12 - Custom one-on-one singles match

Ranger and Villain Fight scene 1
September 30, 2013 Green-Screen/Chomia-Key used.

Lord Metarex and Villamax's Conversation Scene

October 2, 2013

Green-Screen/Chromia-Key used. 

Custom Gameplay footage from: 

Soul Calibur V - Arcade Play

Red Ranger and Villamax's mid-encounter fight
October 3, 2013 Villamax steals the Rangers' Quasar Sabers
October 4, 2013

Custom Gameplay footage from:

Burnout: Paradise -

Free-Roam/Road Rage

The Rangers and Chomite Vipers' road rage
October 7, 2013

Custom Gameplay footage from: 

Playstation Home (various Home zones)


Green-Screen/Chromia Key used. 

Will talks to Devin about Villamax stealing the Quasar Sabers from the Rangers. After being informed, Will contacts the others to meet up with him at the eastboard bridge of Terra Venture.  (filler scene)
October 10-11, 2013

Villamax delivers the Rangers' Quasar Sabers to Metarex. 

Browne engage in a conversation with Will about his stubborn eagerness toward Tony knowing Tony is the team's leader. 

November 1, 2013
  • Lord Metarex/Villamax conflict scene
  • Treacheron's intro scene
November 2, 2013
  • Furio's intro scene
  • The beginning of the Lights of Orion/Magna Defender story arcs. 
November 23, 2013
  • Magna Defender's reconsiling with the Rangers. 
(Production Hiatus)

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