Karone and Leo travel to a planet to restore Leo's powers after the Magnetox monster destroys them. A vision of Astronema makes Karone face her evil past, she overcomes her demons, and obtains the magical keys which gives Leo his powers back, in addition to giving him super armor.


  • November 9, 1999

Featured clip(s)Edit

  • Power Rangers Lost Galaxy - Red Armored Power Ranger Transformation

    Power Rangers Lost Galaxy - Red Armored Power Ranger Transformation


  • Introduces the Red Ranger's Battlizer of the season, the Armored Keys .
  • This is/was the only time in Power Rangers history where a villain from the previous season face against his/her reformed being.
  • The skeleton puppet that spots Leo and Karone was voiced by Villamax 's voice actor, David Lodge .
  • This episode marks Astronema's final appearence in Power Rangers until she is mentioned in the 500th episode of the show, "Legacy of Power" (during the In Space segment) in 2004's Power Rangers: Dino Thunder while legendary Power Ranger Tommy Oliver commemorates the previous 11 years of the series.
    • Karone would, 15 years later (2014), make a brief legend shift of Astronema during the Legend War in The Legendary Battle of Power Rangers: Super Megaforce
  • Trakeena and Villamax only appeared in the beginning of the episode. Deviot and Kegler do not make an appearence here.
  • The Magnetox monster only stole powers from 5 Rangers (Leo, Kai, Maya, Damon, and Mike).