Terra Venture is greeted in the Lost Galaxy by Captain Mutiny, who the Rangers discover runs a slave camp, and is looking to add the colony's citizens to his work force. Mutiny unleashes the Grunchor monster on Terra Venture, which burrows underground.


  • November 12, 1999


  • This episode introduces Captain Mutiny, Barbarax, the Swabbies and Titanisaur.
  • Captain Mutiny was seen as a brief shot of his back in Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy episode 10- " The Sunflower Search [2][3]", but he was not fully seen back then, because Scorpius destroyed the Magna Defender's homeworld and killed his son Zika.
  • This episode marks Trakeena, Villamax, and Keglar's last appearence until " Escape the Lost Galaxy ".